Do you need to talk about grief or loss?

This loss knocked the wind out of you. You tell the world “I’m fine” but there is a part of you that knows you’re not. Intense sorrow invades everything you do. The stress to get through, to be strong, to not let others down, is immense — you’re exhausted. Just last week you felt some relief for a brief moment, and hope appeared. Just as quickly it dissolved and you’re preoccupied with searing sorrow and bleakness — again. It’s not too much to want a break from this unwanted and relentless heartache, and find a place of emotional rest. It’s not too much to really know that this too will end and that there is a way in and through.

There is a way forward. I can help you develop the coping tools, energy and resourcefulness needed to reduce the destabilizing pain of loss. Together, we’ll gently process and integrate the complicated emotions and life changes that you now face in a safe, supportive space. You don’t have to go through this alone anymore.

Rediscover emotional strength and resilience that’s been inaccessible. Experience your life with renewed hope and a sense of ease — it isn’t far away. Find a safe and durable vantage point from which to build a strong foundation. You deserve increased joy and less pain – you deserve nothing less.

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Happy to answer any questions.

Don’t delay your return any longer, there is a lighter place.

It takes immense courage to face significant loss. If you can make a place for it, it will change.

“Grief is not a problem to be solved, it’s a presence waiting for witnessing. It’s the solitary journey that we cannot do alone, that needs to be shared, only then can there be a response, a protection and a restoration of that which has been damaged.” ― Francis Weller

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